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Matthew Roddan

by Matthew Roddan

Matthew Roddan

Matthew Roddan

The 2016 F1 season started with an action packed race in Melbourne and featured a cart-wheeling McClaren which in turn sparked more debate about the halo and it’s safety.

For those who did not watch the event, the results do not tell the tale of the day. Although we ended up with a Mercedes one two, this was by no means a likely outcome before the race was stopped to clear the debris from Alonso’s crash.

At the restart the Mercedes opted to put both cars on the medium compund giving them the ability to go to the end of the race without further stops whilst the Ferrari team opted for the soft tyres in the hope that Vettel could pull away and make a gap sufficient to change tyres and come out ahead.

As it turned out the Mercedes cars were able to keep pace with the Ferrari on soft tyres and it is this fact which gives us the most significant pointer to the rest of the season. If the Mercedes can work the medium tyre this effectively, they are going to be arguably more dominant this season.

Whilst the gap on soft and super soft tyres may be marginal in qualifying the introduction of a third tyre choice this season is going to help Mercedes and now explains why so much track time in testing was done by Mercedes on the medium tyre.

The ability to run a longer stint at a similar pace to the Ferraris on different tyres will make all the difference. Time after time this season we will see the Mercedes start on super soft tyres and then go to the end of the race on the mediums leaving Ferrari with little option than to copy this strategy.

The fact that the Ferrari’s did not use the mediumm tyre at all over the event would suggest that they are not comfortable with their pace on the mediumm tyres – a big worry for Ferrari fans.

by Matthew Roddan

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The History of the Ferrari Team in F1

By Matthew Roddan


Enzo Ferrari had a passion for racing and he made a racing debut in 1919. He started as a test driver and became a race driver and eventually moved up the ladder to become the Director of the Alfa Racing Division until 1939. In the year 1929, Scuderia Ferrari was formed to organize racing for members. It went on to have rigorous involvement in motor racing arena and an official racing team was created as a division of Alfa Romeo. However, Scuderia’s tie-up with Alfa Romeo came to an end in 1940 and was established as an individual organization called “Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari”.


In 1963, Enzo started Istituto Professionale per l’Industria e l’Artigianato, a training school with base at Maranello. Between 1947 and 1988, Enzo helped Ferrari grab over 5,000 races in different parts of the world and Scuderia won 25 world titles during this time. In 1950, Ferrari won the first British Grand Prix title. In 1988, Ferrari experienced a slump following Enzo Ferrari’s demise. However, things began to look up after signing Ross Brawn and Michael Schumacher in 1996 and Ferrari’s racing history was again making waves in the motor racing realm.


Though they have competed in races apart from Formula 1, Ferrari’s Scuderria Ferrari is one team that can proudly claim to have competed in all Formula One world championship races since its inception in 1950. It is also the only team to have that honor. Originally Ferrari’s team participated with cars manufactured by Alfa Romeo though they began producing their own cars by 1947. Ferrari team won 16 Constructor’s Championship titles and 15 Driver’s Championships making them the most successful Formula One teams. Schumacher’s period between 1996 – 2004 is considered as the best and most successful season for Scuderia Ferrari.



Ferrari lauched their F2002 in the year 2002 after a delay and it debuted in Brazil. Schumacher won the driver’s title and his race was completed in record time, faster than any other drivers before. Ferrari also ammased a record margin in points and FIA brought about a sea of changes to hold back Ferrari so racing remains competitive. However, the changes did little to hold back Ferrari’s successful streak, and Schumacher went on to win further titles and Ferrari marked five successive victories in constructor’s title.


While many expected Ferrari’s winning streak to come to an end in 2003, it wasn’t the case. Ferrari went on to win double championship in 2005 and their domination continued. Schumacher retired in 2006 and 2007 marked several changes for Ferrari team. In 2008, Ferrari again won the constructor’s title, though they lost the driver’s title by one point. Scuderia Ferrari is known its illustrious history and is one of the most popular teams to participate in Formula One races.

By Matthew Roddan