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Matthew Roddan, a reviwe of Sochi

Congratulations to the organisers of the Sochi GP. A thrilling race provided for 90 minutes of great F1 coverage resulting in Mercedes capturing the constructors championship and Lewis Hamilton all but securing the drivers title.

2015-10-12 11.13.44

The clear losers on the day were Nico Rosberg who  must now concentrate on preventing Vettel from snatching second place in the drivers title after a DNF caused by throttle issues. Sadly Carlos Sainz also suffered a brake failure right at the end of the race which was a disappointment after all his activities of the weekend.

Other than Bottas and Raikonnen, the rest of the F1 family went home happy with all teams having something good to take from the race – even McClaren !

2015-10-12 11.13.25

Matthew Roddan

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Carlos Sainz suffered relatively little injury despite a major impact into poorly constructed barriers in FP3 today.

After losing the back end under braking the car headed straight to the scene of the accident as Martin Brundle would say. On closer inspection it is concerning that the barriers to not appear to be tethered to the ground ;

Sainz in Barrier

The Torro Rosso seen here has managed to lift a lot of the barriers and move them.

by Matthew Roddan

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Matthew Roddan

Our launch coincides with the Japenese Grand-prix at Suzuka and the anniversary of the fateful crash of Jules Bianchi. A feature of the race will be the gap between Ferrari and Mercedes, come the finish line. Have Mercedes bounced back from their dismal performance of Singapore or have Ferrari genuinely started to compete ?


By Matthew Roddan