Texas by Matthew Roddan

Texas by Matthew Roddan

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by Matthew Roddan

An enthralling and eventful GP was delivered in Texas over the weekend which more than made up for the 48 hours of rain beforehand. Unusually for F1 the race outcome was by no means clear at any point in the race. Just as things seemed to settle into a pattern another safety car (actual or virtual) caused all the teams to jettison their strategy and start all over.

The synchronised passing of the two Mercedes cars against the two Red Bulls seemed to seal the fate of the GP but even that was thrown into doubt by the strategies of Vettel and Verstappen.

2015-10-25 20.15.58

As the race continued it looked as though Hamilton was to be denied the opportunity to seal the drivers title in the USA until Rosberg made a mistake in the closing stages, gifting the win to Lewis.

Whilst Lewis celebrated victory and a third drivers title Rosberg was seen to sulk like a petulant child and in an uncharacteristic display of frustration showed his annoyance with himself by throwing his cap back at Lewis. This gesture will no doubt fill the headlines, he is just lucky it was not his towel !

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by Matthew Roddan



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