Adrian Newey was right

Adrian Newey was right

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by Matthew Roddan

"Look shorty if we give them our engines they will beat us"
"Look shorty if we give them our full spec they will beat us."
“Look shorty if we give them our full spec they will beat us.”


All the talk at Sochi this weekend will inevitably be about the prospect of Red Bull leaving F1 due to the inability to source a 2016 Engine. But surely the problem runs deeper than this.

Next season all the grid will be powered by either Mercedes or Ferrari (with just two exceptions in the form of the Mclaren Honda and Lotus Renault teams which are unlikely to feature given current performance) so we are provided with a spectacle which is largely all about 2 engine Manufacturers and due to recent rule changes regarding aero and other innovations, very littleĀ else.

So we will be back to processional racing where cars with the same engine package will not be able to overtake and we will be able to pretty much predict the outcome by the circuit type. This is precisely why Adrian Newey chose to take a step back from the sport (albeit it that he is still very much there).

F1 needs to reinvent itself and allow teams to bring new innovations. This will be the only way to retain existing fans let alone attract new ones. With Bernie hinting that the sport is once again up for sale one assumes that any buyer will want to see these changes implemented so there is some hope that Bernie will see sense in the form of increasing fans increasing the price !



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