Surprising opinions by Matthew Roddan

Surprising opinions by Matthew Roddan

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Two surprising comments attracted my attention this week. Firstly, Martin Brundle’s assertion that Bernie Eccelstone dictates the Television ┬ácoverage given to teams during the Grand Prix and secondly that Nigel Mansell when interviewed on 5 Live made the astonishing claim that given a few months to train he could be as fast as Hamilton in the Mercedes.

It is true that the television coverage of Mercedes at the Japanese Grand Prix was minimilistic prompting me to tweet this image which was about the extent of coverage we saw of the Mercs ;


However, I doubt that this was the influence of Bernie. The fact is that Lewis Hamilton’s flawless performance was not going to be the best thing to watch whilst all the action was going on mid-field and Nico Rosberg overhauled Sebastian Vettel using the undercut, so no overtaking to see there !

More surprising is Nigel Mansell’s view that he could match Hamilton. If 30 year old Rosberg has been trying for two seasons and failed I cannot see how a 62 year old Mansell could do so. Perhaps this is an insight into the mindset of World Champions – you have to believe you will always be the best to become the best, something that Rosberg must now surely be doubting.

By Matthew Roddan



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